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Intelligent email automation with FIEBIG AI Services

FIEBIG AI Services can save up to 50% time in email processing.
In addition, customer and employee satisfaction can be significantly increased.
The share of e-mails in customer service continues to be at a very high level and requires a lot of time to process. According to information from customers, the average processing of an e-mail takes between 4 and 8 minutes. Of this time, up to two thirds is often spent on the cognitive understanding of the text by the employees. Email chains, graphical content, signatures and footers all add to the complexity.
The classic way of processing e-mails is therefore not only time-consuming and therefore expensive. It also often leads to frustration among employees, even if an email management system is already in place to support them.
With FIEBIG AI Services, your employees can focus more on finding an empathetic solution to your customers' concerns instead of on the cognitive understanding of the emails. Basic information such as the request and other essential information for processing are determined with the help of AI and made available to your employees in a clear manner. Simple requests such as master data changes, product and information information or a delivery status can also be processed completely automatically if desired.
Support your employees with FIEBIG AI Services and relieve them of monotonous, recurring routine tasks (monkey work). Delight your customers with shorter processing times and employees who are enthusiastic and empathetic about solving customer concerns.
Here is an excerpt of functions that can be provided with the FIEBIG AI Services:

  •     Automatic concern recognition for categorisation
  •     Information extraction (especially of important data such as names, amounts, addresses, products, delivery dates depending on the concern)
  •     Attachment analysis
  •     Image recognition (analysis of images)
  •     Sentiment analysis (what emotions does the written text convey)
  •     Analysis and translation into any language
  •     Feedback loops for continuous optimisation

About FIEBIG AI Services

We have been working intensively on the advantages of using AI in customer service since 2016. The FIEBIG AI Services are a grown collection of AI libraries, tools and procedures that are specifically adapted to individual customer requirements. The FIEBIG AI Services draw on the AI services of market-leading providers such as Google, Microsoft, AWS, Genesys, Sematell and others.


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