Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an essential part of the digital strategy

For many companies, artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of the digital strategy. In their customer service, the previous limitations of automation can be changed significantly with AI. AI solutions can "understand" across all channels what the customer interaction is about. Furthermore, AI solutions can extract information, conduct communication and trigger fully automatic processing. We gladly advise you on what needs to be taken into account and we jointly develop the right approach for you for integrating AI solutions into your system environment.

FIEBIG acts here as a system house: We design the optimal solution for you from innovative technologies of market leaders, start-ups and in-house developments and integrate them into your existing structures.

Why a smart data science process is important

The basis for successful AI approaches is a good data science process. This includes analysis and modelling in particular. The goal is to optimally prepare your data for training. Our data science experts support you with comprehensive know-how.
This is followed by integration into your corporate environment. Here, we look in particular at the processes and integration options. Because your AI approach is only as successful as the AI service(s) can be integrated into your existing processes and platforms. We also have extensive expertise in this area.
In particular, we offer numerous standard integrations for the market-leading omnichannel platforms from Genesys. However, many other applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, ticketing system) can often be integrated very easily via modern interfaces such as the REST API.

Voice of the Customer - oder wie man mit Hilfe Künstlicher Intelligenz seine Kunden besser versteht


Every customer interaction, regardless of the input channel (phone, email, chat, etc.), which is processed in the customer service center says a lot about your customers. Often this information is not or insufficiently evaluated to improve the customer journey. The following questions are exemplary:

  • What are your customers' concerns and desires?
  • Which services that you offer do your customers think are great and where is there a need for need for improvement?
  • What is the mood of your customers when they contact you? Are they happy with your service or rather annoyed?
  • Which solution approaches or processes are best suited to answering or solving your customers' concerns be answered or solved?

This and much more information can be gathered by implementing an AI-powered analytics tool. This data is compiled into detailed statistics and analysis for evaluation, increasing customer understanding. The results can be used to. improve the customer journey of your customers, across channels. This leads to higher customer satisfaction, more sales, happier customers and reduces the workload of their employees.
As specialists in digital and AI-based processes in customer service, we can help you improve your customer journey.

Use Cases

Agent Assistance

During a conversation with a customer, AI can help your agents to better understand what the conversation is about, provide relevant information from the communication and, for example, analyse the customer's mood. In addition, AI can automatically provide information from other data sources, such as a knowledge management, CRM or ERP system, or map indications of cross-selling and upselling potential. The right process steps can be suggested to the employee or triggered automatically. This not only increases the customer experience, but also employee satisfaction.


Email processing in Genesys PureConnect

Intent recognition and information extraction

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Email processing in Genesys Cloud

Intent recognition and information extraction

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Voice processing in Genesys Cloud

Intent recognition and information extraction

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Self Service

Voice Self Service

Imagine your customers no longer having to navigate through voice menus (press 1 for this and 2 for that, etc.). Instead, they simply ask an open-ended initial question. The answer is analysed and interpreted with AI. If necessary, further information is requested and - if possible - the customer's request is dealt with directly in self-service. If an agent is needed, he or she receives all the information from the previous customer conversation.

Further Self Services

Of course, AI can also support all other self-service channels, especially FAQs and chats.


Intelligent Call Routing

Optimise your voice routing by using the information identified in Voice Self Service with AI (specifically: what it's about). This way, the best agent for the request can be found faster and your customer experience will be better.

Intelligent Document Processing

With AI, all incoming documents (letters, faxes, emails) can be analysed. The AI categorises the documents according to your desired criteria (e.g. concern, priority, complexity, mood) and extracts relevant information for further processing. AI is thus the ideal basis for further automation steps.

Intelligent Customer Scoring

With Intelligent Customer Scoring (ICS) it is possible, for example, to a prioritise the probability of closing a sale for each caller. In doing so, the AI accesses other data sources, such as CRM, ERP or ticket system, and continues to learn in order to improve the results. The ICS results can be used to optimise the routing process, among other things.

Analytics + Performance Optimization


Administration & training
Statistics & reports

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Artificial Intelligence – Technology Glossary

At FIEBIG, we focus on improving customer service processes by means of appropriate AI solutions. We see that the combination of several AI techniques like speech recognition, natural language processing and semantic analysis leads to successful and sustainable results.