Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For many companies, artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of the digital strategy. In their customer service, the previous limitations of automation can be changed significantly with AI. AI solutions can "understand" across all channels what the customer interaction is about. Furthermore, AI solutions can extract information, conduct communication and trigger fully automatic processing. We gladly advise you on what needs to be taken into account and we jointly develop the right approach for you for integrating AI solutions into your system environment.

Enterprise NLU

The basis of successful introduction of artificial intelligence into customer service is the understanding, analysis and processing of the customers’ natural language. This can be achieved by using a natural language understanding (NLU) solution.

The advantages of Enterprise NLU

  • Semantic real-time analysis
  • Intent recognition, X-selling and sentiment analysis
  • Extraction of entities
  • Channel independence (speech, text)
  • Open interfaces (REST)

What is to be considered

  • Cloud-/on-premise availability
  • Simple administration
  • Basic vocabulary already included
  • Enterprise architecture in terms of stability, scalability and integration possibilities 
  • GDPR (in German DSGVO) conformity
  • Analysis tools for usage statistics

Conversational AIs / Chatbots

Conversational AIs / chatbots are software-based robots (abbreviated with “bots”) that allow a cross-channel dialogue with the user.

Conversational AIs frequently serve as virtual assistants, e.g. for:

  • General advice
  • Ticket opening and problem solving
  • Tracking/requesting status information
  • Information, e.g. about account balance
  • Assignments

To improve the customer experience, conversational AIs / chatbot solutions incorporate state-of-the-art algorithms and solutions based on artificial intelligence. Thereby, it is possible to understand natural language and even to analyze the user’s sentiment. Via interfaces, conversational AIs / chatbots can provide themselves with information from other enterprise applications to lead a dialogue individually. In doing so, company processes are triggered independently in order to edit customer intents fully automatically. All this twenty-four-seven and in all languages of the world.



Advantages of conversational AIs / chatbots

  • Significant reduction of call volume
  • Substantial reduction of processing effort by employees
  • Support of employees in cross- and up-selling
  • Flexible application possibilities throughout the company (customer service / internal help desks)
  • Flexible use within the company (customer service / internal help desks) 
  • Availability around the clock
  • Constantly high processing quality

    What is to be considered

    • Cloud-/on-premise availability
    • Simple administration
    • Enterprise architecture in terms of stability, scalability and integration possibilities
    • Integration possibilities of AI / natural language understanding (NLU)
    • GDPR (in German: DSGVO) conformity
    • Analysis tools for usage statistics
    • API interfaces for easy integration into existing enterprise systems
    • Transparent and simple price model

    Conversational AIs / Chatbots as Full-Value Customer Service Employees

    FIEBIG Virtual Agent

    • Automates the live chat
    • Connects omnichannel with conversational AI

    Conversational AI / Chatbot as Full-Value Agent

    100 parallel chats
    Standard agent reporting
    Call transferable to agents


    • Integration via standard APIs
    • Server module for full-value agents
    • Client module for Agent Assist

    Virtual Agent Supports Customer Service Employees (Agents)

    • A human agent can maintain multiple parallel chatbot chats
    • Chatbot leads the conversations for the agents
    • Agent sees the conversation
    • Agent can take over the chat directly

    Agent Assist

    Agent Assist is a framework of artificial intelligence, process automation and real-time communication that optimally supports employees in your customer service and customer interaction. With Agent Assist, our artificial intelligence analyzes the dialogue between customers and agents in real time. Intents are recognized automatically, and the agent is provided with relevant data from the communication. Additionally, information from an existing knowledge management can be displayed as well as indications of cross- and up-selling potentials. Corporate processes for further processing are proposed to the employee or triggered automatically. The customer experience increases because the employee can fully concentrate on the customer.




    • Multilingual
    • Omnichannel
    • Multiple intent recognition
    • Extraction of entities
    • Automated process processing
    • Notifications

    Your Benefit

    • Reduce average handling time
    • Increase first call resolution
    • Reduce training costs
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Improve processing quality
    • Improve cross- and up-selling

    Intelligent Call Routing

    Good routing decisions are critically dependent on knowing what your customers are talking about. Our AI solutions analyze and recognize the customers’ intent, which is why the customer can be put straight through to the optimal employee.



    • Keyword matching or semantic full text analysis
    • Open interfaces
    • Customizable individually

    Your Benefit

    • More than 80 % of callers are properly connected by means of their role or intents 
    • Massive increase in first call resolution rate
    • Significant improvement of customer experience

    Classification of Written Material

    With our AI-based intent recognition, incoming letters, emails and faxes can be classified properly and provided for further processing. Letters and faxes are brought into a digital format with the aid of an OCR connector.


    • Multiple intent recognition
    • Extraction of entities
    • Open interfaces
    • Customizable individually

    Your Benefit

    • Depending on the documents, up to 99% of incoming written material (letters, emails and faxes) can be classified automatically and correctly. Intents (what is the customer's concern?) as well as their further processing are triggered automatically.
    • Massive increase of customer satisfaction due to faster progressing
    • Significant reduction of process costs
    • Employees are relieved from manual routine activities
    • Constantly high processing quality

    Analysis of Written Material

    With our AI solutions, existing documents can be analyzed completely. Various intents can be recognized, and relevant data can be provided from the written material. In combination with a process automation engine, business processes that are currently dealt with manually can be processed partially or completely automatically.


    • Recognition of multiple intents
    • Intelligent extraction of data (entities)