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FIEBIG supports companies in turning every customer contact (call, email, chat,...) into a personal experience that inspires. To achieve this, we use AI-supported solutions based on market-leading platforms, our own services and agile procedures.

Chatbot & Conversational Experiences Konferenz
Online | 21.09.2022

Erfahrungen & Empfehlungen beim Einsatz von Chatbots & Conversational Interfaces in Kundenservice und Marketing.


FIEBIG AI Services can save up to 50% time in email processing.
In addition, customer and employee satisfaction can be significantly increased.

The share of e-mails in customer service continues to be at a very high level and requires a lot of time to process. According to information from customers, the average processing of an e-mail takes between 4 and 8 minutes. Of this time, up to two thirds is often spent on the cognitive understanding of the text by the employees. Email chains, graphical content, signatures and footers all add to the complexity.

The classic way of processing e-mails is therefore not only time-consuming and therefore expensive. It also often leads to frustration among employees, even if an email management system is already in place to support them.

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Voice of the Customer - or how to better understand your customers with the help of artificial intelligence

Every customer interaction, regardless of the input channel (phone, email, chat, etc.), which is processed in the customer service center says a lot about your customers. ...

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