Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an essential part of the digital strategy

For many companies, artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of the digital strategy. In their customer service, the previous limitations of automation can be changed significantly with AI. AI solutions can "understand" across all channels what the customer interaction is about. Furthermore, AI solutions can extract information, conduct communication and trigger fully automatic processing. We gladly advise you on what needs to be taken into account and we jointly develop the right approach for you for integrating AI solutions into your system environment.

FIEBIG acts here as a system house: We design the optimal solution for you from innovative technologies of market leaders, start-ups and in-house developments and integrate them into your existing structures. 

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Artificial Intelligence – Technology Glossary

At FIEBIG, we focus on improving customer service processes by means of appropriate AI solutions. We see that the combination of several AI techniques like speech recognition, natural language processing and semantic analysis leads to successful and sustainable results.