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Process of designing and managing the entire customer experience.

Customer Journey Management

The Customer Journey describes the total experience that a customer has with a company. This includes all interactions across the customer life cycle: the recognition of a need and arousal of customer interest, the purchasing process up to the after-sales phase.

What is customer journey management?

Customer Journey Management describes the process of designing and managing this end-to-end customer experience. Companies are faced with the challenge of accompanying a customer over the entire period, always making it a positive experience and thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long term.



On the way to a sustainable CX transformation, consistently implemented customer journey management is essential, from marketing over sales up to customer service, so that customers always receive relevant content via their preferred channels, are provided with numerous touchpoints to the company, receive excellent service and experience a consistent, positive CX.

Targeted monitoring

By using customer journey management tools, customer journeys can be measured, monitored and improved across all channels throughout the entire life cycle.

Such modern tools provide e.g. an analysis interface for customer journey mapping which can be operated simply by drag & drop: Data from various sources such as CCaaS platforms, CRM, web clickstream, etc. can be evaluated and displayed in customer journey maps, i.e. graphic visualizations (dashboards).


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping makes all customer touchpoints with the company visible, from the first contact up to after sales: The precise visualization of action steps, scenarios, emotions and motivations clearly shows when exactly there was a moment during the customer journey in which the customer formed a positive or negative opinion, in which their behaviour took a decisive turn, in which they changed or aborted a process that had already started, etc.

With the help of customer journey mapping, it becomes obvious which common behavior patterns customers have and at which points there may be future opportunities to transform the customer experience from a negative to a positive one:

a decisive added value for identifying opportunities and obstacles for further service and product alignment, which can even lead to a new overall strategic direction for the company. A customer journey management tool uses intelligent alerts to provide automatic information as soon as a customer behavior and therefore a journey changes significantly.

The alerts can be defined based on simple threshold values or integrated algorithms for detecting anomalies. By visualizing what interactions lead to successful outcomes and which do not, reasons can be identified and targeted improvement actions can be initiated.


Performance monitoring

Obtaining measurable KPIs for monitoring of the success of your marketing, sales and customer service activities

Consistent CX

Ensuring a consistently high CX at all touchpoints


Optimization of the CX through early detection of “pain points” and behavioural patterns of your customers


Identifying innovation potential for your CX for a long-term value increase


Realization of personalized, positive customer experiences

Customer loyalty

Creating long-term customer loyalty through positive interactions across the entire customer journey

We would be happy to advise you on how you can design a positive customer journey from start to finish!


FIEBIG supports companies in turning every customer contact into a personal experience that inspires.

To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art contact center technologies based on market-leading platforms, our own services and agile approaches.



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