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AI Assistants

AI Assistants

AI assistance

Companies are often faced with the challenge of increasing communication volumes on all channels (call, chat, email), while additional employees are not available short-term. AI assistants can be an important support on the path to CX transformation and increase efficiency in customer service.

Generative AI models and language models

AI assistants can increase the automation level of customer service through their cognitive understanding and relieve employees of many recurring requests. In particular, generative AI models and language models such as large language models (LLMs) are applied here.

An important application area for this are AI-based chat and voice bots which are able to understand the content of incoming requests and generate human-like responses.

Agent assist functions

In addition, employees can be supported in real time during their work by so-called agent assist functions, i.e. technologies that enable a continuous, AI-based analysis of interactions and the determination of the best response for each case.

Improving the analysis of customer feedback and requests is another advantage of LLMs, as they can help in gaining important insights from customer reactions and thus further optimize the customer service quality.

All in all, AI assistants can significantly contribute to improving the individual customer experience: They respond quickly and effectively to requests, optimize the quality of communication and create personalized experiences.

At the same time, employee satisfaction is significantly increased by relieving them of recurring tasks and supporting them in the individual processing of requests.

FIEBIG particularly deploys the following AI solutions:

Conversational AI

(automated customer dialog systems)

  • Chatbot
  • Voicebot

Agent Assist

(AI-supported customer communication)

  • Predictive Engagement
  • Predictive Routing


  • Generative AI/ LLMs (trainable AI based on machine learning/language models)
  • NLP/NLU (Natural Language Processing/Understanding – processing and understanding of human language)
  • Voice recognition
  • Predictive Analytics (Vorhersage des Kundenverhaltens)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Stimmungsanalyse)
  • Machine Learning

Use the power of AI to optimize your customer service!


FIEBIG supports companies in turning every customer contact into a personal experience that inspires.

To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art contact center technologies based on market-leading platforms, our own services and agile approaches.



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